Grant a Wish this Christmas

What’s on the top of your wish list this year? A box of chocolate? A new car? A sunny vacation? Or perhaps a goat? A chicken? Even a glass of water?

For families around the world, the gift of a goat, a chicken or even a glass of clean water has been on the top of their Christmas wish lists for years. Today, you can grant somebody their wish. 

By purchasing a life-changing Christmas gift you can grant a wish for a mother in New Zealand by providing a babys first outfit, a farmer in Cambodia by giving a goat for milk and cheese, a father in Fiji by giving a tap stand for fresh water. Give someone a meaningful Christmas present by purchasing a life-changing gift today. 

seedling-nursery    chicken    tap-stand


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Spread the Christmas cheer by setting up an ADRA Christmas tree in your Church, school or workplace. Make a difference this Christmas by registering for an ADRA Christmas Tree Pack today.

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