Victoria Fray | International Programme Director

Victoria FrayWith a diverse range of interests that include photography, gardening, cycling, playing the piano, motorbike riding, camping, kayaking and travelling, Victoria has worked for ADRA New Zealand since 2010. Before starting with ADRA New Zealand, Victoria worked for the Red Cross in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Lao, North Korea, Malaysia, and Samoa as a water and sanitation engineer. Victoria is responsible for ADRA New Zealand’s International Programme and is passionate about serving so that people in all countries can have the same opportunities so abundantly available to us here in New Zealand.

Favourite ADRA story

Thinking of a favourite ADRA story is a hard one for me as I have met so many inspiring people. If I was talented enough, I’d write a book about each of them. I was really touched by a woman I met in Cambodia, who had worked in our ADRA project there. As part of the project, she learnt how to read, write, do basic numeracy. She also learnt that domestic violence is not OK and about human trafficking, and what it really is. One day some traffickers came to her village and asked her if she wanted a ‘job’ in Phnom Penh. Because of what she’d learnt in her ADRA classes, she recognised it as trafficking and said ‘No!’ straightaway. Yay for her!