Evan Fray | National Programme Director

Evan Fray ChristchurchIn 2007 I decided to take up an opportunity to work for my favourite charity, ADRA New Zealand, and leave behind a career in the engineering industry that has taken me to the heights of some of the greatest motor racing circuits of the world and into the depths and smelly bowels of Auckland’s rubbish compacting machines.

My role in ADRA is to work within the ADRA National Programme linking our church network to the needs of the local community and at the same time promote the work of the agency to church partners focussing on the core activities of emergency management, international development and our work at home. To do this I travel extensively around New Zealand talking about our Church Partnership Programme.

Favourite ADRA Stories

My favourite International ADRA stories are many and varied and come from a few of the international project monitoring trips where the heights and clear air of Nepalese highlands has brought a sharp contrast to the squalid conditions found in a Vietnamese village and the smells of Auckland rubbish compactors seems simply sweet when compared to some of the latrines I have observed in the tropics.

My favourable National story comes from a Dargaville depression recovery graduation dinner where several of the attendee’s spoke of the changes they had made in their personal lives and reported that before their attendance in the programme the only option they could see was suicide. They are now helping others.

Observing and reporting on how ADRA is changing the lives of so many communities brings me a sense of achievement, a sense of accomplishment and a sense of ministering to others in a practical way. I enjoy church visiting with my family and have shared the ADRA message all over the world.