Sabina’s Famine

Three daughters, four sons and an ailing mother-in-law, these are all the mouths Sabina Mwende (56) worries about feeding on a daily basis. Compounding this anxiety is Sabina’s husband, who left to find work in November 2016, and who she has not heard from since. 

Sabina graciously shows the team her farm, once thriving with vegetation, now a barren wasteland. The drought has stripped her farm of any life leaving her selling charcoal in an attempt to feed her family. 

Her poverty has forced her to make a decision no parent should ever have to face, she had to remove each of her children from school so that they could help burn charcoal. Sabina herself was removed from school after year 3 in order to support her family, a sacrifice she has since inflicted on her own children solely from the fear that she may not be able to feed them otherwise. 

Each sack of charcoal sells at 700 KES ($10 NZD), although it is difficult finding buyers. Sabina often takes her bags of charcoal on the back of a donkey to sell in Mwingi, a town 38 kilometers away.

In order to retrieve water, someone from the family must make a 15 kilometer journey and then spend hours queuing for water.

With each passing day, life becomes more difficult for Sabina’s family who face famine if they are unable to continue selling charcoal. Life should not be like this, and for Sabina it does not have to be.

With your support, ADRA can help families like Sabina’s thrive by providing emergency food parcels, school feeding programmes, water trucking and cash transfers to the most severely affected families in South-Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya and Yemen.

Every dollar you donate will be matched by the NZ government! Your $50 donation can feed an entire family, like Sabina’s, for a month.

Don’t let more families face famine. Please Donate Today.

Sabina2 Sabina3 Sabina4

Sabina with her $10 bags of charcoal            Sabina’s daughter collecting sand to sell          Sabina’s once thriving farm 

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