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LIBRE: Livelihood Improvement for Building Resilient Communities

Project Cost: $673,614
Project Length: 2013- 2017

Vietnam is affected by more natural disasters than almost all other countries in the world, and most of these disasters correlate with Climate change and future sea level rises. The Mekong River Delta is one of the poorest regions of the country with a very high poverty rate, low education and poor infrastructure. The most immediate impacts of natural disasters like inundation, river bank collapse and tree diseases due to weather changes, have resulted in the loss of traditional means of support, with the poorer families losing the most.

The Livelihood Improvement for Building resilient Communities (LIBRE) Project focuses on sustainable economic development in agriculture and community-based disaster risk management. By educating the community in agriculture and disaster risk management, the project will maximize food security and introduce alternative income opportunities, such as animal husbandry to the poorest families in Vinh Long Province.

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