Choose Life

Healthy families are happy families, and happy families make thriving communities. Across New Zealand thousands of families are losing loved ones and missing out on life’s great opportunities because of the poor lifestyle choices they make.

The Choose Life Family Health Programme is a four week lifestyle education programme designed to reduce disease risk factors through the adoption of better health habits and lifestyle changes. The resources, training and support aim to improve the health and lifestyle of all members of the families involved.


The programme generally costs $12,000. The cost may vary depending on the scope and the number of people involved in the project. Through the Church Partnership Programme the costs are split three ways:

choose life price              The Conference                   $4,000
              Your Church                        $4,000
              ADRA                                    $4,000

              Total                                  $12,000



The Choose Life programme caters up to 40 Households, 20 of those church members, and the other 20, non-church members. The programme provides the training of the facilitators and the resources such as cook books in order to help support better health habits.

This programme is run in partnership with Adventist Health Ministries.

For more information on our Choose Life Programme,  click here.